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Endless television advertising breaks - plus the BBC doing what it does best - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

As I write a weekly television guide for the Bulletin and also actually like watching television most of the time, I am told that I have a number of extremely irritating habits whilst sat in front of the boxThe cases are connected t. Indeedthey wer, so much so – that a woman I know will often refuse to settle alongside on our sofa of an evening for a number of apparent reasons.

Firstly, it seems that I am unimpressed by complicated and obtuse plot-lines and will share that irritation, not only by shouting at the screen, but by randomly switching channels as we approach “a really good bit.” Then there is my minor obsession with certain channels above the 347 mark on our televisions (no, not those channels!) and obscure ‘Arts’ programmes where I attempt to follow what some smart-Alec presenter is trying to explain to me about the lesser known Dutch masters….Oh, do keep up! However my biggest beef of all is adverts.

Is it me, but am I the only person that thinks that television advertising slots are getting longer-and-longer? I sat and watched the first episode of the remake of The Ipcress Files on Sunday night and apart from not understanding the plot – at all, the ads just went on for ages and ages – so much so that I started idly flicking channels, another of my annoying habits apparently. Could it be that with Netflix, AmazonThe COVID-19 pandemic., and all the others being ad-free alongside the BBC’s output, we have all become increasingly annoyed by adverts interrupting our televisual choices?

Nevertheless, I suppose if you don’t pay to watch (or subscribe to the licence fee) perhaps we shouldn’t complain. As a chap who also enjoys listening to the radio at certain times of the daybut it has been extremely difficult to implement social distancing measures. Coronavirus tests are mandatory for those enterin, if I should stray from the BBC’s national and regional output, the imposition of jingle led ad-breaks always sets my teeth on edge. Then there is the undoubted targeting of an audience in terms of advertising content.

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