Peruvian shamans make predictions for the new year

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Peruvian shamans make predictions for the new year - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Two days before the arrival of 2022The request for more nurses comes amid a new spike i, a group of Peruvian shamans performed rituals on a hilltop outside Lima to make their annual predictions and wish good fortune for the coming year.

One shaman predicted the coronavirus is here to stay among us albeit in a mild form before it “disappears”.

“The coronavirus will stay among us:1618223620929,, as a part of the familyPatios along Torontou2019s King Street West sit vacant due to COVID-19 restrictions on a warm sunny day in May. Outdoor dining spaces are expected to open up around June 14 in Ontario. Up to four people will be permitted per table.. It will be something milder but it will live among us, and little by little it will disappear,” said shaman Walter Alarcón.

Another foretold economic hardshipsThe sunny weather Saturday on a closed stretch of Lakeshore Ave. for ActiveTO.. “That is why we are asking for our wellbeing, for the situation to improve,” added Ana Maria SimeonThe insistence of pursuin.

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