Sweden invents new fragrance testing equipment

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Sweden invented a new type of fragrance testing equipment

a unique device for measuring the fragrance penetrating into raw materials has been successfully developed in the Iggesund paperboard Laboratory of classical sensory and chemical analysis in Sweden as a whole, which will bring major changes to food packaging. How to seal packaging materials and how to enter and release fragrance can determine how much flavor should be added to the food to be packaged, Or the impact of storage in different environments on the products in the package. Gunnar Forsgren, technical manager of the laboratory, said: "people usually look at the impact of oxygen, water and carbon dioxide on different packaging materials, but now we can measure the fragrance of solid or liquid forms, and we can also measure the effect of four different flavors at the same time." He predicted that this method would be of great value to experts who are developing coated paperboard for various purposes

ig and gradually increase the load until gesund's paperboard is destroyed for packaging sensitive products such as food and candy. Similar to the packaging materials of other innovative solutions provided by Bayer materials technology for sunshine power 2, cardboard affects the smell and taste of products by releasing and absorbing fragrance

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