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Sustainable packaging of cosmetics has become a trend

cosmetics as an important part of the chemical industry, its environmental pollution has not been widely valued. The data provided by the United Nations Statistical Office shows that 90% of Americans, 89% of Germans and 84% of Dutch people will consider the environmental protection standards of products when buying goods. With more and more attention paid to environmental protection, environmental protection has become a part of human daily life from a concept, but also an indispensable part of the development process of enterprises

the wind of environmental protection is blowing again

at the Monaco luxury packaging exhibition held last year, participants made a full day speech on the topic of sustainable packaging. The sustainable packaging Alliance (SPC), located in Virginia, USA, is an industry group that focuses on the creation of the concept of health and environmental protection in the packaging industry. Its members include Estee Lauder, avatar, Clinique, pinwood declaration and other international first-line brands. SPC's definition of sustainable packaging is: the raw materials of packaging are reasonably developed, and their performance and price meet market standards. They must be recyclable packaging that is completely produced by using renewable energy

in this year's major brands' 5. Deformation measurement: equipped with American precision long displacement digital large deformation measurement device, we can find a large number of applications of sustainable packaging. At present, more than 80% of baicaoji's products are recycled and degradable outer packaging, and all cartons are made of recycled paper; FANCL's cartons and instructions use environmentally friendly recycled paper, and the containers are also natural resin materials that can be completely decomposed. Shiseido, DHC, Estee Lauder and other brands support environmental protection by adopting light weight and affordable replacement packaging. Products are sold separately from special boxes, and consumers can use them again after using them directly with new powder cores

principles of sustainable packaging

associate professor Ke Xianwen, director of the packaging teaching and Research Office of the Department of printing and packaging of Wuhan University, said that sustainable packaging is mostly used for the packaging of products such as medical treatment, food and household appliances, and less used in cosmetics. At present, most brands use biodegradable recycled paper, natural resin packaging, or component replacement packaging, mostly from the material and structure aspects

sustainable packaging generally follows the 4r1d principle: namely, the implementation of packaging reduction (redujjg1136 ⑵ 017 gives the correction formula for the influence of inertia torque ti=-j (2 F) 2 (notch and notch should be negative after aging, only indicating that the direction of inertia torque is opposite to the direction of angular displacement) ce), packaging should be easy to recycle, energy regeneration Large containers can be refilled and packaging waste can be degraded. For example, degradable natural resin can be degraded and decomposed, and the component replacement packaging can be recycled and recycled. Different contents have different requirements for containers, so different ways should be selected for the products that need to be packaged. Because cosmetics are chemical products, they have high requirements for the chemical stability and physical properties of containers, and most sustainable packaging uses natural materials that can be completely decomposed, It is difficult to reach the physical and chemical properties of traditional containers

packaging is a part of corporate image

even though the material cost and design cost of sustainable packaging are high, many famous large companies still spare no effort to carry out sustainable transformation, because the product that follows the principle of sustainable packaging is not only a new packaging, but also shows the company's concern for humanity, reflecting the company's attention to the health of consumers and human living environment

for example, Unilever, which was nominated by Wal Mart as the best supplier of the year for sustainable development in 2007, has made a lot of efforts in this regard. The company's redesigned Vaseline hand cream packaging bottle has reduced the weight by 4% - 15% according to different specifications, which is equivalent to saving 45 tons of plastic every year; Laundry detergent is an article that can be further concentrated. Unilever has specially reformulated the liquid composition, so that consumers can wash the same amount of clothes with one third of the previous amount; The packaging was reduced from 100 ounces to 32 Ounces, reducing the use of container plastic by about 55%; At the same time, the use of container boards has also decreased by 45%, so that more goods can be loaded on the container board. This also means that retailers do not need to update the goods on the shelves as frequently as before. Estee Lauder has specially set up the position of chief environmental protection officer, which is concurrently held by the vice president in charge of global packaging development, which shows its emphasis on environmental protection

sustainable packaging may become mainstream

the adoption of sustainable packaging can not only bring benefits to the corporate image, but also bring additional benefits to the brand in the market. The first is to save costs. By cutting too much packaging materials, the goods are lighter and smaller, so as to reduce transportation costs. More goods can be placed on container boards, warehouses and even retail shelves. The second is to maintain business development and use green materials to help meet and exceed customer needs. At the same time, it can also attract customers, and more and more consumers will choose those environment-friendly products

after joining the WTO, due to the large gap between China and the developed countries in Europe and the United States in the formulation and implementation of environmental standards, capital investment, environmental technology level, etc., the environmental protection treaties in international trade have increasingly hindered China's exports. At present, green packaging system has become one of the main contents of setting green standards in developed countries. According to relevant statistics, China's foreign exchange revenue is reduced by about 10% every year due to packaging problems, a considerable part of which is caused by packaging that does not meet the green requirements

Ke Xianwen said that with the social progress, the market demand for sustainable packaging will be greater and greater, and more enterprises have increasingly stringent requirements for the resources of upstream suppliers. The bio based degradable ring materials prepared by example have achieved a comprehensive coverage of injection molding, blow molding, blistering, foaming, two-way stretching and other fields, and can be widely used in industry, agriculture, medicine, cosmetics, food, automobile Electronics and other fields, such as forest management commission (FSC) certification, have become new indicators for enterprises to choose partners. Now many enterprises have requirements for qualification certification, but many domestic packaging materials enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises with a large market share, are often difficult to meet these international certification indicators. These enterprises often lack core technology and rely on price advantages to seize the low-end market

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