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Liming heavy industry Service Engineer: sincerely move customers

Liming heavy industry Service Engineer: sincerely move customers

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there is such a group of people who travel day and night in rain or wind, and go deep into the front line of customer production

there is such a group of people, who have lofty professional qualities and install dawn's equipment into the most beautiful local production landscape

there is such a group of people who actively communicate, answer questions and solve doubts when facing problems, come up with the best solutions and add value to customers

they are after-sales service engineers, the link between Liming heavy industry and customers, and use services to complete the last link of product value transmission. In their dictionary, "customer service" is not simple. Professional technology and efficient service are only the basic requirements. Truly thinking from the perspective of customers, respecting product value and customer value, and pleasing the heart are their ultimate pursuit

"the customer handed over the whole construction site to me"

on the site of a simple sand and stone production line in Sichuan, the whole equipment of liming was successfully delivered, and the foundation and installation work in the early stage were about to begin. What engineer sudongchen didn't expect was that he was appointed by the customer as the general person in charge of the whole site, fully responsible for the foundation, installation and commissioning of the production line

"before customers buy, they are all the major aircraft and aviation aluminum alloy manufacturing countries in the world. Our process design and technical guidance are very detailed. Customers feel that we are very professional, so they are very relieved to hand over things on the construction site to me." In order to put the production line into production as soon as possible, Su Dongchen led the whole staff to start the construction of overtime after formulating a detailed site layout

raw materials required for the foundation of the production line should be transported to the construction site from 100 kilometers away. The price per party is more than 100 yuan, and freight is not included. Considering the high cost, he spent three days repeatedly inquiring about and running the market to help customers find the most cost-effective raw materials, and finally saved more than 300000 yuan for customers only in terms of production line foundation

"this is a trust between us, between the customer and dawn."

"deliver 100 Jin belts to the customer site"

Li Gang, a pulverizer engineer, received customer service just one day as he was ready to leave work. This happens from time to time, but this time it's a little different: a 175 European version mill customer in Baode, Shanxi is testing the machine on site, and the equipment belt needs to be replaced. 2. The instrument and equipment are embedded around. 1. Replace the indoor space. If logistics is used temporarily for delivery, the cycle is too long, and having someone send the belt in person can greatly shorten the time. 175 a set of belts of the European mill weighed 100 Jin. Without saying a word, Li Gong immediately went on the road

after a night of turbulence, Li Gong arrived in Shanxi at 7 o'clock the next day. With a heavy belt on his back, he walked continuously. 2. The transmission part ran to the long-distance bus station with arc synchronous toothed belt and took the bus to the county. He can't be more familiar with the traffic conditions here. "The road is difficult to walk, and there are many coal trucks. In most cases, there will be traffic jams, so I can only try my best to move forward."

it was more than ten hours. At eleven o'clock in the evening, Li Gong finally arrived in the county. The next morning, he arrived at the customer's site smoothly and replaced the belt. After re debugging, the test run is successful! It was estimated that the output could reach 20 tons per hour. The customer was very satisfied. At this time, Li Gong, who was guarding the scene, found that he was hungry. He forgot that he had not eaten for a day and a night

"to be negative to customers is not just talk. It is true respect to fully ensure the best operation effect of the equipment."

with their rich professional skills, they overcome all kinds of difficulties, rushed to the production site at the first time to maintain equipment, solve problems, guide workers, and train customers; Backed by the strong technical support of the enterprise, they actively communicate between the company and customers, which not only meets the needs of customers, but also guides them to achieve the maximum return for customers; They either fight alone or assemble into "groups" to create customer value, respect customer value, enhance enterprise value and realize personal value

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