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September 17, 2012

[China paint information] one day in early August, the jialish "lacquer Shangpin Museum" in Shangqiu, Henan Province added a banner, an X-frame and two posters in a prominent position in front of the door. These new publicity materials have the same content - "jiatuli" refresh service

this is the latest professional refresh service launched by carlys. After successfully piloting the "old home renovation" project in Taiyuan in 2011, jialish began to vigorously promote the "jiatuli" refresh service in the first half of this year, and Shangqiu is one of the third: touch promotion cities in this stage. In addition, Anhui Anqing, Guizhou Xingyi, Hubei Qianjiang, Shandong Jining, Shanxi Jincheng, etc

however, the "refresh service" is not an initiative of carlys. Before or during the same period, well-known paint brands including Dulux, Nippon, garberry, China Resources, etc. have launched similar "refresh services", and some have even formed branding

"it seems that (paint enterprises) are really starting to fight for service." People in an industry said so

service branding

AkzoNobel is the first coating enterprise to launch professional coating services. In December, 2008, it launched the "jiayitu" wall construction service in Tianjin, Shanghai and Chengdu, and applied for the registration of the "jiayitu" painting service trademark in the same period. Due to the advantage of testing the water first and the influence of its well-known "Dulux" product brand in China, "jiayitu" has become the most famous professional coating service brand in the industry

following AkzoNobel, Jiabaoli, a well-known domestic coating enterprise, also smelled the development prospect of the professional coating service market, and applied for the registration of the trademark "jialimei" in November 2010 for professional coating services. Liuhaidong, deputy general manager of Jiabaoli home decoration paint application support department, pointed out in his article entitled "making service a new profit growth point". Although most manufacturers are talking about service, few can really do the service in place. In this context, through the comprehensive analysis and comparison of the pilot projects and excellent markets of Nanchang and Jiangmen Xinhui in Jiangxi Province, garberry finally chose the "professional coating service" with obvious advantages as the breakthrough to promote home decoration paint

"establish a perfect service system, take 'jialimei 117 coating service' as the service brand, take consumers' reassuring coating 'as the service concept, and take' quality guaranteed profitable service 'as the marketing core." Liu Haidong said

in 2011, another giant in the coating industry, Nippon, also launched a professional coating service project and designated its brand as "Nippon refresh service" (applied for registration in January 2012); In the same year, Jialishi also began to pilot the "old home renovation" project in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, and achieved success

in the first half of this year, Jialishi set up a professional promotion team and began to promote the refresh service of Jialishi "jiatuli" with great fanfare. According to the relevant person in charge of carlys, at present, it has launched this service in Hebei, Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi, Yunnan, Guizhou, Inner Mongolia, Anhui, Fujian, Guangxi, Sichuan, Henan and other provinces, and many customers are applying to the company for the "jiatuli" project

in addition to the above brands, 3A paint, China Resources paint and crocodile paint are all developing towards the direction of branding of coating services. 3A paint launched the renovation project of "home is beautiful", and China Resources paint is actively promoting its "satisfactory service"...

new growth point

as more and more paint enterprises focus on the field of professional coating services, it has become a "new battlefield" of market competition in the paint industry

"today, when the technical differences between similar products are smaller and smaller, and consumers are more and more demanding on service quality, it is difficult to form new breakthroughs by relying solely on member network management, channel management, terminal promotion, new product impact and other forms, and it is also easy to be imitated by competitors." In the foregoing article, Liu Haidong pointed out that in the future, paint enterprises must break through the traditional marketing model, establish integrated service solutions, and distinguish themselves from their competitors; Carrying out branded and professional coating services will contribute to the promotion of products and product brands

at present, the painting market is mostly monopolized by painters, which has derived industry hidden rules such as accepting high rebates and vicious competition, ignoring the rights and interests of consumers; Once there are problems, there are many cases of mutual prevarication between painters and enterprises. The irregular occurrence of this situation has also caused damage to the brand popularity of many products and even the reputation of the industry. The emergence of branded professional coating services led by enterprises may help to solve this problem. Liu Haidong said, "only by choosing to do a good job in construction services can we solve the current problems, win public praise, avoid the advantages of competitors and give full play to our strengths. Professional coating services are undoubtedly the best choice."

from the existing cases, we can see that the branded professional coating service adopts clear standard charges and processes, which will ensure the coating effect to the greatest extent, and can easily determine the party even if there is a problem. Therefore, if used properly, coating services will be very popular. As the professional coating service of the enterprise is bound to be linked with its products, it will bring about the improvement of product sales and brand awareness. As Liu Haidong said, "there is an interaction between professional services and product promotion. Service is no longer a high cost, but a profitable project."

it is the visible advantages and prospects that attract more and more enterprises to join this "new battlefield" and hope to operate it as a new growth point for enterprises. The aforementioned carlys person in charge said that the professional coating service "has a very promising prospect". For example, she said, "jiatuli" services are not only aimed at the second-hand housing renovation market, but also include new houses, rental houses, construction engineering renovation, etc. In her opinion, the engineering renovation market is much larger than the new home decoration market. "We regard 'jiatuli' as a new direction for dealers to improve their retail channels, and encourage and strongly support them to carry out this problem project that is disconnected from transactions, logistics, settlement and other links."

"our future goal is to promote the 'jiatuli' service to the whole country, so that more consumers can enjoy convenient home renovation services, and more consumers can know carlys paint." The person in charge said. But her real goal is obviously a larger painting market

Anthonyquarterman, vice president of the company, said that

problems occur frequently

although the prospect is promising, this professional coating service market is far from mature, and even just in the emerging exploratory stage, so the occurrence of problems is inevitable

with a history of 4 years, "jiayitu" is the "hardest hit area" where professional coating service problems occur. Due to the long time of business development and relying on the big brand of Dulux, it will inevitably lead to complaints while bringing a lot of business to "jiayitu". These complaints are mainly concentrated in the field of old house renovation business, because there are too many uncertain factors in the original wall of old house renovation, and the uneven differences of construction teams in different regions are also one of the reasons

Miss Liu in Guangzhou chose the "home easy painting" painting service last November, but only a month later, the problem appeared. "In the middle of December, cracks appeared in a small part of the newly painted wall. The wall will be dirty when pressed by hand. A slight collision of arms when walking will cause the wall to fall off and other problems."

Miss Liu told the details of the incident on her microblog. What made her more angry was that after repairing most of the walls, the construction party agreed with her to repair the remaining parts when the weather improved after the Spring Festival, citing the shortage of manpower and the rainy weather in Guangzhou. Such a delay led to June this year, during which the wall returned to moisture and fell off again. Miss Liu went to a professional for inspection and was told that there might be a problem of cutting corners in construction, and it was impossible to repair it in a small scale

therefore, Miss Liu called the customer service of "jiayitu" to complain about the problem and asked to change the construction team, but it was repeatedly delayed, and no one asked about it until August 6. "Now the problem has been solved." Miss Liu told this newspaper, but she also said, "although not very satisfied."

such an experience as Miss Liu is not unique. There are many similar complaints about different plastic varieties on the Internet, mainly for "home easy coating" and "Nippon refresh service". In a consultation about "Nippon refresh service", a friend replied that temporary workers are invited for painting, that is, the road guerrillas wear uniforms and hang signs. In fact, the essence is the same. The work and level are the same as those of the road guerrillas, but the price is twice as expensive. Another friend complained that the signing of Nippon refresh service was to provide free supervision of Nippon 1568. The so-called "1 core 5 content 6 visits and 8 guarantees", in fact, they went to the door once and did nothing

"in the future, I will never recommend 'Dulux home easy coating' service to people I know around me. The service quality monitoring system is seriously unqualified." Miss Liu finally told, "it should be said that we only pay attention to sales, not to service quality, after-sales service and related monitoring system, just like the enterprises selling melamine milk."

stone of another mountain

there has been no complaint so far for coating service brands such as jiatuli, which have just launched professional coating services and have not accumulated a considerable number of engineering cases. However, with the deepening of business and the increase of engineering cases, complaints and problems like "jiayitu" may be inevitable. What is important is, how can the latecomers learn from the experience and lessons of the forerunners and avoid taking the same detour in the development process

"'jiatuli 'service is constructed by a professional team organized by local dealers to ensure good brushing effect; secondly, in order to reassure consumers, we promise a one-year warranty and free wall repair service." In response to questions about how to avoid the promotion of professional painting services, the aforementioned carlys person in charge said: "at the same time, we welcome consumers to supervise our services. If you have comments or suggestions, you can call the company directly nationwide."

"the house I bought five years ago, because the waterproof was not done well at that time, the small room next to the bathroom was leaking and moldy. I saw the renovation publicity of jialish 'jiatuli' old home on the phone, and they came to check and budget in the afternoon. The speed was quite fast! There was no need to move, as long as the door of the small room was closed, the wall could be repaired. The price was reasonable, and the paint and labor costs were wrapped up with them, which was easy."

-- jiatuli, which has just been promoted, soon received "praise". But for this new professional coating brand, this is just a good start

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