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The latest data from the Ministry of agriculture shows that the mechanization of the weak links of major crops in China has been advancing rapidly, and the comprehensive mechanization rate of cultivation and harvest has exceeded 63%. The assertion that "the fundamental way out of agriculture lies in mechanization" is steadily advancing in practice

after the completion of the main links such as cultivation and harvest, grain enters the commodity circulation link, which involves grain storage and other aspects. With the steady progress of informatization in the grain industry, traditional grain depots have been constantly exploring in recent years around the aspects of operation automation, intelligent warehousing, intelligent warehousing, visualization of operation and management, and gradually moving towards intelligent grain depots

The general office of the State Council recently issued the "opinions on accelerating the structural reform of the agricultural supply side and vigorously developing the grain industry economy", which made a strategic deployment for vigorously developing the grain industry economy, and clearly proposed to solidly promote "made in China 2025", introduce intelligent robots and IOT technology, and carry out application demonstrations such as intelligent grain factories, intelligent warehousing, and intelligent drying

Langchao has been deeply engaged in the field of informatization in the grain industry for more than ten years. Relying on its strong strength in the fields of cloud computing and big data, it has launched the "intelligent grain depot system", an innovative achievement of informatization in the grain industry in the era of "Internet +". The intelligent grain depot system takes "grain warehousing" as the center, runs through the whole link business main line of "warehousing warehousing outbound" of grain, and constructs an integrated closed-loop operation and management system of "people, money and grain", which helps grain related enterprises effectively standardize the warehousing business process, improve work efficiency, realize the automation and intelligence of grain warehousing and warehousing, and gradually achieve the modernization of management

the intelligent grain depot system realizes the compatibility of automatic data collection and abnormal conditions and the intelligent cooperation of hardware equipment in all links through the flexible configuration and rapid plugging of hardware equipment in all links of intelligent warehousing and warehousing operations, which truly reflects the intellectualization of warehousing and warehousing operations. Through the integration of smart card readers, ID card readers, bank card readers and other IOT devices, it can automatically obtain the relevant information of customers, grain and carriers, help users generate automated forms, ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of grain data and improve work efficiency; Collect vehicle image information and inspection video images through cameras and hard disk video recorders, so as to ensure that each vehicle of grain in the grain depot is operated in a standardized manner and has evidence to rely on

according to the introduction, the intelligent storage module breaks the operation mode of traditional storage operations, uses scientific and intelligent management means, combined with the experience of grain depot storage operations, and comprehensively improves the level of scientific grain storage in grain depots: through the integration of grain situation detection, meteorological stations in the depot, intelligent ventilation, intelligent security, environmental monitoring and other systems and equipment, it can master the changes of grain situation, climatic environment and grain quantity in real time all day and automatically judge, Intelligently analyze and quickly provide suggestions or schemes for grain preservation operations, synchronously inform the storage personnel, and automatically control the opening, closing and operation of relevant storage equipment, so as to realize the intelligent management of storage operations

in addition, through the big data analysis of temperature, humidity, pest situation, gas concentration, grain quantity and other information of grain polymer melt gear pump, a professional intelligent warehousing operation analysis model is constructed, which is visually displayed in forms, graphics, videos, sounds and other ways, It can also trace the whole life cycle of single warehouse grain from purchase and warehousing to full warehouse acceptance, storage inspection to sales and warehousing, and fully realize the intellectualization of warehousing management

real time early warning ensures safety

through the comparison and analysis of vehicle operation data, vehicle history and other information, the intelligent grain depot system can effectively identify the abnormal operation data of vehicles in the system, timely warn the abnormal vehicle tare weight information and similar data, and remind users that most of the noise is caused by unfair sheet metal design, and take abnormal countermeasures at a time, The price is within reasonable limits, and all kinds of illegal cheating behaviors are eliminated in time to effectively protect the interests of the grain depot

the intelligent grain depot system can access the monitoring cameras at all places of the grain depot in real time for real-time supervision. For the operation of each post, the grain storage in the warehouse can be viewed in real time, so as to ensure the operation execution of the grain depot and the safety of grain storage. Through the intelligent early warning platform, combined with the actual environment, preset the early warning limit, automatically trigger the abnormal alarm, and use the early warning means such as empty warehouse early warning, warehouse door opening early warning, ventilation early warning, pest early warning, etc. to ensure food security

for grain storage, inventory management and other storage contents, the intelligent grain depot system provides a grain security early warning system, which is responsible for the inventory overdue 2 Rubber tensile testing machine: abnormal events such as large elongation of rubber or elastomer, high granary temperature, abnormal granary humidity, excessive grain moisture and so on trigger the early warning of grain situation, and remind users to take countermeasures in time to avoid grain deterioration

not only in the grain depot, but also in the supervision work, the staff can call up the relevant information of the target unit for query and comparison at any time when going out to perform tasks, or record various information on the inspection site, so as to improve work efficiency and ensure the accuracy of information data

in business management, staff can understand the business development of the unit in real time, and also ensure to master the operation information of the unit at any time during going out and traveling; In the process of operation, staff often perform patrol inspection, warehouse inspection and other work within the reservoir area, and use mobile devices to perform operation tasks, reducing the workload of secondary entry. At the same time, they can also collect richer information by taking photos and other means

mobile office has rich application scenarios and application values in the grain industry. In the supervision of government grain competent departments, the management of units at all levels of the grain and oil group, or the daily operations at the grass-roots level of grain depots, using mobile applications to carry out work can realize the portable inspection of regulatory information, the portable handling of work business, the portable entry of operation data, the effective integration and utilization of fragmented working hours, and significantly improve work efficiency

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