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"Service first brand" triggered a sales boom. The spring joint exhibition of Sany Heavy machinery sold 1.3 billion yuan

"service first brand" triggered a sales boom. The spring joint exhibition of Sany Heavy machinery sold 1.3 billion yuan

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Guide: on February, 2011, the quality of Sany crane changed the world in the second half of this year. The spring joint exhibition of sincere service was held simultaneously in hundreds of cities, It has attracted more than 20000 domestic hoisting customers. This spring's national joint exhibition not only carried out a variety of promotional activities for benefits, but also launched industry leaders

on February, 2011, the spring national joint exhibition of Sany Crane "quality changes the world and service is sincere" was held synchronously in hundreds of cities, attracting the participation of more than 20000 domestic hoisting customers. This spring's national joint exhibition not only carried out a variety of promotional activities for benefits, but also launched the industry-leading "211" and "311" after-sales service commitments, and released three heavy machinery "service first brand" - "zero distance docking service", which has become the focus of attention

in these three days, the joint exhibition achieved sales of nearly 1.3 billion yuan, and achieved a good trend of full bloom in the main provincial capital cities and second and third tier cities for the first time, with sales growth of nearly 50% over previous years, making it the largest, broadest and best selling exhibition in the previous Sany crane exhibitions

in the subsequent customer satisfaction survey, Sany crane obtained a good score of 89.6 points, and the brand communication obtained a good reputation

service commitment detonated the whole venue

on February 26, although the spring cold outside was still steep, the site of the spring joint exhibition of Sany crane had already been crowded by customers who came to admire its name, and the venues in the major exhibition areas were full. Taking advantage of the opportunity of this spring joint exhibition, Sany crane launched the "211" service value commitment and the "311" brand value commitment, which have become the most attractive focus for customers

in Shandong Linyi exhibition area, Qi Jian, general manager of Sany crane division, came to the scene to explain the joint exhibition and promotion policies to customers. When the customer learned that the warranty period of the crane was extended to 2 years from 2011; All faults shall be repaired within 24 hours, otherwise corresponding compensation shall be given; And three years later, when heavy new service measures such as replacing old machines with new ones at 50% of the value of old machines were launched, the on-site customers burst into thunderous applause. Some customers stood up and applauded, and the atmosphere was very lively. A Shandong customer said, "the new service policy launched by SANY has completely eliminated our worries. I have been a crane for so many years, and I have never seen any enterprise dare to make such a commitment. We are moved by the strength of Sany's service."

the exhibition also set up a valuable lottery link to surprise customers from afar. At the Tianjin Exhibition, customers who signed the bill on site had the opportunity to obtain laptops, while customers who signed the bill with large tonnage had the opportunity to obtain awards such as vans and cars

at the Linyi exhibition site, Mr. Wang, who bought a 25 ton truck crane, was lucky to win the first prize and selected a Passat car. He said excitedly, "in fact, recently, I was preparing to change a new car, but I didn't expect that Sany exhibition would realize this wish for me. I'll introduce my old friend to the next exhibition later, and I hope this luck can continue."

under the dual guidance of various preferential profit making activities and rich on-site gifts, this year, the number of tickets signed by each branch of the exhibition hit a record high. The hot sales scene far exceeded the expectations of the on-site staff, and there was even a shortage of on-site signing contracts in some exhibition areas. There are 20 truck cranes signed by customers in Chongqing at one time; Yantai and Guangzhou achieved good results of 81 and 70 on-site valid tickets respectively

"I sweat all over when I sign the contract." This is the most "complaint" heard from the supervision leaders responsible for signing the contract. However, when everyone said this "complaint", their faces were filled with a proud smile

STC series new products are selling well

peeling phenomenon

Chongqing jiejiegao lifting equipment installation engineering Co., Ltd. is the first user of Sany crane STC series products. In 2010, they signed a contract for 15 newly upgraded STC series products, covering various models from 16 tons to 500 tons. Among them, some products have been used for several months. The person in charge of the company told them that they can obviously feel that after the product upgrade, the performance is more stable and the operation and use are more convenient. At the spring joint exhibition, the company made another blockbuster, signing 20 STC series cranes at one time, so as to expand the strength of the enterprise and meet the many needs brought by regional development

it is understood that the new product trial plant of the crane division, which was put into use at the end of January 2011, has laid a solid foundation for the new products launched this year. STC product series has been gradually improved, especially with the addition of stc1000c, the first five bridge 100 ton crane in China, and stc250h, which has industry-leading advantages, so that the product performance of Sany crane has been improved

among them, stc250h is the most eye-catching one. It not only has an ultra long boom, with a total length of 39.5 meters and a maximum lifting height of 48 meters. The boom length should first short circuit the positive and negative poles of electrolytic capacitors and the lifting height should be industry-leading; The hydraulic system inherits the advantages of the previous qy25c, and adopts the imported HUSCO main valve, which makes the system more stable, has good inching performance, and operates more accurately; The outrigger span is 5.3m × 6.2 meters, the stability of the whole vehicle is stronger, and the function realized by the experimental machine system

due to better configuration, better performance and more stable operation, STC series products performed well in this national joint exhibition, becoming the "favorite" of many customers, and the number of tickets signed accounts for more than 70% of the total number of tickets signed

Qi Jian, general manager of Sany crane business department, told: "this year, we will continue to increase investment in research and development to achieve mass production of STC series products; and with strict quality control, service the first brand and other measures, we will strive to improve product quality and service quality, and enhance the brand popularity and reputation of Sany Heavy machinery."

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