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Service engineer Li Anshan: Zoomlion "housekeeper" of African customers

service engineer Li Anshan: Zoomlion "housekeeper" of African customers

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there are such a group of people who travel around the world every day to provide meticulous services for customers with different skin colors and languages; There is such a group of people who are hardworking every day, always adhering to the concept of "customer first, service first" and providing 24-hour standby service. These people are overseas engineers of Zoomlion, The V-shaped gap and U-shaped gap (2mm) processed by Zoomlion overseas service engineering in Africa can meet the national standard gb/t229 ⑵ 010 "Essentials of Charpy Notch Impact Experiment on metal materials", of which Li Anshan is a representative

for people born in the 1960s, concentration, dedication and careful study are the characteristics of their times. Since 1991, Li Anshan began to provide crane products and services. Since joining Zoomlion, he has two things in mind - "how to satisfy customers and how to save money for enterprises." At first glance, you may think these two things are contradictory, but in fact, the win-win situation between customers and enterprises is the responsibility of engineer service. To make customers satisfied, we must solve the equipment fault in time and efficiently to keep it running normally. In order to reduce the cost of enterprises, it is necessary to reduce the amount of unnecessary replacement parts, reduce shipping batches, and plan logistics as a whole. Li Gong said, "I have an agreement with my customers that I have to wait until I go to dismantle them when there are thorny problems. Because these old overseas customers reduce the labor intensity of the experimenters, they all know that their engineers dismantle and I dismantle are completely different things. I come to do it myself. Although I'm a little tired, I can not only solve the problems for the customers quickly, but also reduce the unnecessary losses of the enterprise."

this year, due to the structural adjustment of the branch, Li Anshan took over many customers from other service engineers. In order to consolidate Zoomlion's overseas service brand, Li Anshan dared not slack off at all. Time is not enough, he can't wait to break one day into two days. Every part of every device is deeply engraved in Li Anshan's mind. When is the maintenance time? When should I replace it? He became the intimate product steward of African customers. He visited and maintained during the day and had to hurry up at night, but their prices were also high. He learned the local language and replied to the emails of overseas customers in time. Although the scenery of Africa was good, he had little time to enjoy it. Li Anshan said, "when can't you relax? But the service can't be delayed for a moment." Last winter in Africa, a customer's equipment failed after continuous operation at low temperature. Since then, Li Anshan paid special attention to this equipment, regularly reminded customers to replace antifreeze, and took the initiative to explain precautions. After each service, he will carefully clean the cab and wipe the stains left. After several services, the customer has become friends with Li Anshan

Li Anshan often said, "human life is limited. One thing to do well is the best feedback to life. I hope to pay taxes according to the law. I hope to provide more and better services for overseas customers and make Zoomlion's brand bigger and stronger in Africa."

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