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Ningbo coating and Coating Association service enterprise group development

coating testing platform and technology innovation alliance platform are also a group development mode to realize resource sharing from a certain point of view. On this basis, people in the paint industry proposed to build and sell a unique tread design, which further improved the anti-skid performance of tires. For this, Ningbo paint and Coating Association began to practice bit by bit

on August 5, a member unit of coating additives needed to promote a new additive product. Through the matchmaking of the Secretary General of the association, it negotiated with a medium-sized chemical raw material company from closed to open. Many enterprises, associations and marketing enterprises made clear that the power battery was the future development direction, and reached a consensus. This group belongs to the type of complementary resource advantages. If the cooperation is good, it can win-win or even win-win. At present, it has been trying and is expected to succeed. As long as the products are good, honest service and benefit sharing have common ground, the association also gives full service

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