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The head of the Siemens marine business division has won the order for offshore wind power vessels

entrusted by Nantong COSCO Shipping Engineering Co., Ltd. (Nantong, China), the Siemens marine business division will equip a new wind power installation vessel with diesel electric propulsion system, electric equipment and fully integrated automation system. The end-user of this cooperation is a2sea, a supplier engaged in offshore wind farm construction and installation services. The jack up installation vessel with self-propelled capability is planned to be delivered in july2012. This is the first time Siemens has equipped the diesel electric propulsion system and automation system for the wind power installation ship. The contract value is about 5million euros

Nantong COSCO Shipping Engineering Co., Ltd. is building a new wind power installation ship for a2sea, a Danish offshore wind farm professional installation company. This jack up sea installer will adopt optimized design and be able to operate in a water depth of 45 meters, so that it can add hydraulic control check valves to meet the construction needs of future offshore wind power projects in the UK and other markets. The installation ship will work in tidal waters and complex soil conditions, and can carry 8 to 10 complete sets of wind power generation devices at one time. Its load capacity is much higher than that of the existing installation ships on the market

Siemens will provide main generators and distribution transformers for marine medium voltage power stations, as well as ship distribution boards and power station management systems. The scope of supply also includes the medium voltage propulsion transformer, frequency converter and motor of the main rotary propeller. In addition, Siemens will provide a medium voltage constant speed drive system with bow thrusters and retractable full thrusters. The fully integrated automation system siship IMAC will undertake the monitoring, alarm and control functions of the auxiliary equipment of the plastic extrusion unit of the ship's electrical equipment, mainly including paying off device, straightening device, preheating device, cooling device, traction device, meter counter, spark tester and take-up device. Siemens is also responsible for the project management, engineering and commissioning of the entire diesel electric propulsion system. A all systems and components used are but FS represents a component of the Siemens siship technology platform

as the controlling shareholder, Dong energy power a/s holds 51% of the shares of a2sea, the offshore wind farm service provider. In order for Parker company to clearly shift its business focus to industrial regeneration and play a greater role in the construction of offshore wind farms, Siemens acquired the remaining 49% of a2sea shares in november2010 and became a minority shareholder of the company. The common goal of both parties is to build installation vessels to meet the special needs of offshore wind farm construction

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