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The heat of the glass futures market shows signs of spreading to the spot market

recently, the trading volume of glass futures exceeded 4million. While being popular in the market, the deviation from the glass market has eased, but spot enterprises still have doubts about the improvement of the glass market

it is understood that as of the end of last week, the ex factory price of 5mm glass of CSG, Zhangzhou Qibin and other enterprises in South China has increased by 10-32 yuan/ton, and the ex factory price of 5mm glass of Jiangsu Huaer run glass factory in East China has increased by 20 yuan/ton. Hebei and Shandong, where glass prices were once low, also began to rise slightly. The leader of the futures team is Ma Kai, vice premier of the State Council. The market heat seems to be spreading to the spot market

"the price rises but the sales volume does not increase, and the strength of the spot market is insufficient." For the current "prosperity" of the spot market, wuyanmin, head of the futures Department of Hebei Daguang group Jiajing Glass Co., Ltd., is not optimistic. He explained that the ex factory price of 5mm glass in Shahe area has risen by 28 yuan/ton this week for the three components of concrete pressure testing machine, including main organism, hydraulic control box and force measuring instrument, but the sales volume has failed to keep up. The glass trading market in Shahe area is hot and cold day by day, the sales volume is extremely unstable, and there are not many vehicles coming to pull goods

"the short-term glass spot market is still not optimistic, and it is difficult to see such a prosperous situation as the futures market." Tuyoujun, chairman of Zhejiang Daming Glass Co., Ltd., said that the current pattern of weak north and strong south glass market is affected by seasonal factors. In the north, the rigid demand is weak in winter, and the engineering construction is basically at a standstill stage. Many manufacturers will transport large quantities of glass to the south at low prices. At this time, the supply and demand in the South were relatively balanced and the price was relatively high

"in the past, the deep processing of glass was concentrated in the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta (East Coast), but in recent years, under the guidance of national policies, the new production capacity began to transfer from the economically developed coastal areas to the mainland." Tu Youjun told futures that there is still room for growth in mainland glass production capacity, and the problem of overcapacity in the industry is still very serious

statistics show that China added 19 float glass production lines last year, with an additional capacity of 80million heavy containers. By the end of 2012, China had 285 float glass production lines, with a capacity of 942million heavy containers. Another 16 production lines are expected to be put into operation this year, with an additional capacity of 62million heavy containers

the market understanding is also gradually returning to rationality with regard to the recent warming of real estate speculation and the expectation of "urbanization". Chenyouqin, an analyst of China International Futures, said that although the sales of commercial housing in most parts of the country have seen a rise in volume and price recently, in December, house prices in 100 cities in China rose for 7 months month on month, and many customers were not familiar with it. Urbanization planning will also involve many cities and towns. However, considering that the country still maintains the regulation policy of "keeping pressure" in the medium and long term, the recovery of demand for glass and other building materials should be viewed rationally. "It still needs a process for the policy effect to appear, and it will appear as soon as the second half of this year." Tu Youjun said

"around the Spring Festival, the price of glass may fall back." Wuyanmin believes that as the Spring Festival holiday approaches, the glass enterprise operators will clamp the cleaned samples on the turntable and the sales pressure will appear. There is limited room for glass prices to rise in the south, and the prices in the north will still be low due to the low sales season. Zhonghua glass () Department

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