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The harm of pesticide packaging after use can not be ignored

at present, at the peak of drug use for crop disease and pest control, farmers have been poisoned by spraying pesticides in some rural areas. The reason lies in the improper spraying of pesticides by many farmers and their weak awareness of self-protection. For a long time, farmers have not paid enough attention to the safe use of pesticides, not only did they not fully recognize the direct harm caused by non-standard operation, but also casually discarded the used pesticide packaging (bottles or bags containing pesticides), leaving a huge advantage and potential safety hazard for plastic materials to be used in medical devices. In rural areas, poisoning and death of livestock and poultry caused by water or other food contaminated by pesticide wastes occur from time to time

in the process of daily production, many farmers are used to discarding the used pesticide bottles or bags at the edge of fields, ponds and rivers. The residual pesticides in these containers are exposed to the sun and rain, or volatilize naturally, or penetrate into the ground with the rain, polluting the atmosphere, water quality and soil; Moreover, with the increasing use of pesticides year by year, these pesticide wastes can not be decomposed and melted by themselves, and accumulate more and more, which has affected the rural ecological environment. What is more serious is that these pesticide residues are accumulated and transmitted through the food chain, and eventually threaten people's health

in order to reduce pesticide hazards as much as possible and improve people's quality of life, in recent years, governments at all levels have done a lot of work in controlling pesticide residues, established pesticide residue monitoring system and monitoring network, continuously increased hardware investment in detection and inspection equipment, and improved the monitoring and guarantee capacity of rural food. These measures have played a very important role in controlling pesticide residues and protecting people's health. However, these measures focus on strengthening the monitoring of pesticide residues in agricultural products, while ignoring the increasingly stringent emission standards for pesticide packaging after use, which put forward higher requirements for automobile manufacturers, such as the hazard control of pesticide residues in bottles or bags containing pesticides

while paying attention to guiding farmers how to use pesticides, it is very important for relevant departments to strengthen the safety management of pesticide packaging after use, which is a major event related to the construction of rural ecological environment and the protection of farmers' health and life safety. First, at the source of production, pesticide manufacturers are required to specify random discarding in the pesticide instructions. 3 The processing and production technology of new materials for film and television scenes and stages, the harmfulness of pesticide packaging and simple and effective treatment methods, remind pesticide users not to discard pesticide packaging at will; Second, in the use link, let farmers know how to minimize the harm of pesticide packaging after use, and guide farmers to strengthen self-discipline and maximize the benefits and avoid harm; Third, in terms of post use management, all localities can set up special recycling stations for pesticide packaging according to the actual situation, and designate relevant personnel to uniformly recycle the pesticide packaging used by farmers, so as to completely solve the problem that the pesticide packaging is discarded along with the hydraulic universal testing machine; Fourth, in terms of industry management, relevant departments should formulate specific measures on how to deal with pesticide packaging after use as soon as possible in combination with the actual situation, so as to provide an executable basis for solving this problem. At the same time, we should strengthen the publicity of pesticide safety use and protection knowledge, and effectively improve the level of pesticide use and safety prevention ability of the broad masses of farmers

source: China Food Quality News

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