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The headquarters building of the Asian packaging center of the World Packaging Organization was completed in Hangzhou, China. The

cartons avoid the twists and turns of stretching and tightening. The cumbersome task of replacing different experimental accessories in the same space. Food bags, gift boxes and printed matter are all over the large and small packaging materials in life. Behind them is also a huge industry. Now, China has seized the opportunity in the packaging industry, integrated resources, and created another high-quality industry through the settlement of the Asian packaging center of the World Packaging Organization in Hangzhou. With the approval of international organizations and the Chinese government, the WPO Asian packaging center is a world packaging industry center integrating science and technology, education, information, finance, culture, manufacturing, trade, logistics, exhibition and services, which has been established by China for the first time with the resources of international organizations. With the support of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, the United Nations Conference on Trade and development, the United Nations Global Compact research, experiment, Convention on the characteristics and advantages of solid waste and OECD, the world packaging center will work with the global alliance of small and medium-sized enterprises to build a large platform for the world packaging industry center and the global development center for small and medium-sized enterprises

the headquarters building becomes a global industrial center

as the core project of the construction of the world packaging center, the world package International Center will be mainly used to gather the headquarters, regional headquarters and offices of international organizations, international enterprises, international associations, chambers of Commerce, etc; At the same time, it is also an important place for United Nations agencies, foreign government departments, international organizations, national associations of chambers of Commerce, domestic and foreign packaging and related industries to carry out economic, scientific and technological education, industrial development, trade and logistics, information, finance, exhibition, culture and other exchange activities. The 180 meter high Shibao International Center is not only an international high-quality diamond building, but also another door type super high-rise landmark building in Hangzhou. The West Tower of the world package center is a 41 storey international class A and national intelligent class a 5A office building; The East Tower is a 45 Story International hardbound mansion; The 6-storey commercial podium is positioned at the headquarters functions such as the investment promotion center, information center and trade center of the World Package Industry Center Alliance. A diamond shaped resplendent hall is set on the top floor of the twin tower building, and 1088 motor parking spaces are set on the underground 3 floors and the ground

Li Zhaoxing laments that improper packaging wastes a lot, which is called metal fatigue

in less than a year, Li Zhaoxing, former Minister of the Ministry of foreign affairs and President of the China Association of international public relations, visited Hangzhou twice to inspect the world package International Center. The static load crack resistance test of his concrete sleepers (I-type sleeper, II-type sleeper, III-type sleeper, fork sleeper, bridge sleeper, wide rail sleeper, etc.) shows that the first World Packaging Industry Center settled in Hangzhou has great strategic significance for improving China's voice and rule making power in economic globalization

around 1.3 billion tons of food are wasted every year in the world. One of the reasons is that the packaging is unscientific and inappropriate. The world package International Center will introduce international organizations and institutions into China and build a world packaging industry center, which is of great strategic significance to improve China's voice and rule making power in economic globalization. This is a very significant thing, groundbreaking and amazing. At the World Packaging Industry Summit Forum held in Hangzhou on November 19 last year, Li Zhaoxing made a special exposition on the significance of the construction of the center in his keynote speech. He said that as a big platform for the development of global industries, the world package center should actively integrate into the global economic integration and the innovation system of the Shanghai free trade zone to adapt to the new changes in the world economic pattern and the strategic policy of China's opening up determined at the Third Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee, so as to make positive contributions to the sustainable development of the global packaging industry and the construction of China's packaging power

a large number of international organizations have settled in

at present, the world packaging center has signed settlement agreements with a large number of international organizations, institutions and large companies. Experts believe that the packaging industry, with the rapid advancement of worldwide modernization, has developed into an emerging industry that can sensitively undertake the achievements of the new scientific and technological revolution and absorb a large number of jobs. It is a combination of technology intensive and labor-intensive industries. It can become an emerging pillar industry to drive the development of related industries, and has a very broad development prospect. Therefore, from the perspective of national development strategy, how to make use of the resources of international organizations to create an upgraded version of the packaging industry, formulate supporting policies to encourage the entry of international packaging organizations, international organizations of relevant industries, chambers of Commerce and other institutions, jointly support the world packaging center to open up the two major markets at home and abroad, integrate the two resources at home and abroad, tap the late development advantages of the packaging industry, and promote the whole industry to overtake at corners, Is a major issue

the world packaging center and the global alliance of small and medium-sized enterprises, a consultative body of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, jointly initiated the establishment of the World Packaging Industry Center Alliance, which is committed to building a large platform for resource sharing, mutual benefit and win-win, innovative development of China and the global packaging industry. Experts pointed out that the world packaging industry center alliance can jointly build this aircraft carrier of the world packaging industry with leading global packaging enterprises under the guidance of the concept of green, environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction through joint ventures and cooperation with private, foreign, state-owned and packaging, agricultural products, food and other enterprises

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