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Polyurethane adhesives and sealants are attracting more attention

polyurethane adhesives are your trusted manufacturer of experimental machines. Adhesives and sealants are attracting more attention

June 13, 2005

the 2005 polyurethane technology conference and exhibition will be held in Houston, Texas, USA from October 17 to 19 this year, The latest products and important technologies of polyurethane adhesives, collectively referred to as wood plastic composites and sealants abroad, will be highlighted. At the same time, the meeting will also provide some relevant training programs, including the application of adhesives and sealants in polyurethane and the introduction of polyurethane products and technologies that should keep pace with the times

Dick merricle, head of API, the organizer of the conference, said, "polyurethane still plays an important role in the development of new industrial adhesives and sealant raw materials. We held a special conference on adhesives and sealant technology at this conference to show people the latest global development."

Dow Chemical will exhibit its latest controlled activation prepolymerization technology at the conference to replace the traditional prepolymerization catalytic technology. As the main driving force to improve the prepolymer technology, controlled activation prepolymerization technology has been used in case system, which has risen all over the world, and can help users achieve their reaction effect and enhance mechanical functions. At the same time, another expert from TOSOH, Japan, will also discuss the catalyst system based on heat sensitive tertiary amine, which is mainly used in case

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