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In July, when polysilicon enterprises staged a vengeful alliance to investigate anti-dumping in the United States and South Korea, and vigorously promoted the deep integration of industrialization and industrialization, Chinese polysilicon enterprises felt bitter cold due to fierce competition in the international market. In order to survive the severe winter, recently, Chinese polysilicon enterprises held a group for warmth and collectively submitted a letter, requesting the Ministry of Commerce to launch a double anti investigation on polysilicon enterprises in the United States and South Korea. A photovoltaic enterprise executive who claimed to submit an application revealed that the Ministry of Commerce had responded positively, and the industry was looking forward to China's counter-measures against the intensifying international trade war

polysilicon enterprises such as poly GCL, Savills solar and Daquan new energy have submitted applications to the Ministry of Commerce, which has been confirmed by the China photovoltaic industry alliance. Several industry insiders interviewed by Nandu said that if the Ministry of Commerce officially filed an investigation into polysilicon dumping, the price of domestic polysilicon will hit the bottom and rebound with encouragement, which will benefit domestic enterprises

polysilicon enterprises collectively submit a letter

it is understood that the polysilicon enterprises submit relevant data to the Ministry of Commerce, requiring the government to conduct anti-dumping and countervailing investigations on polysilicon products imported from the United States and South Korea, and urging the government to impose tariffs on polysilicon products imported from the United States, so as to raise the price of raw materials for solar panels

this action is a counterattack to the double anti investigation launched by the United States against China's photovoltaic industry since the end of 2011. It is the avenger alliance plan launched by Chinese polysilicon enterprises in order to survive

Galaxy Securities analyzed the incident and believed that if the Ministry of Commerce determined to import polysilicon by double anti, it would benefit domestic polysilicon plants. First of all, the complaint of Chinese enterprises is reasonable. The United States, South Korea, Japan and other countries are dumping polysilicon to China, selling polysilicon at a low price of $1/kg to China, and the minimum price of imported polysilicon is as low as $19/kg. The goal is to squeeze Chinese polysilicon enterprises. Second, since the U.S. double anti, domestic anti foreign polysilicon, but also can be accurately measured by physical properties, the mood is high. Once the Ministry of Commerce officially files a case to investigate polysilicon dumping, the domestic polysilicon price will hit the bottom and rebound, which will benefit domestic polysilicon enterprises, especially the leading poly GCL and TBEA with cold hydrogenation technology and low electricity price

some experts analyzed that this trade war was a last resort. Reflecting on China's measures to deal with the new trade protectionism, one of them is that we should also make full use of international trade rules, implement relevant investigations, and strive to ensure the deterrence and influence on others. This is also a way of using international rules to fight on the table in the context of the deterioration of the current international trade situation. Li Youhuan, director of Guangdong Provincial Social Science Comprehensive Development and Research Center, said in an interview with Nandu

revenge is supported by the government

the photovoltaic power generation promotion alliance was established on May 24 under the leadership of four domestic photovoltaic product suppliers. The alliance clearly expressed strong dissatisfaction with the U.S. solar cell double anti investigation against China. On the same day, the Ministry of commerce also issued a document to support

in addition to the impact of foreign low-cost polysilicon, from the domestic perspective, most of China's polysilicon enterprises remain in the stage of extensive production and low competitiveness. Over investment, blind expansion and the industry's mistakes in future market expectations in previous years have led to overcapacity. Coupled with the weakness of downstream demand recently, it has seriously dampened the investment enthusiasm of Chinese polysilicon enterprises, making China's polysilicon industry sad everywhere. The inability to make profits in production led to the interruption of the adjustment of experimental oil valves. 80% - 90% of domestic enterprises were in the state of shutdown, and the plans of new construction or expansion of production enterprises in production were postponed one after another to cope with the negative impact of the sharp decline in the industry boom on enterprises

in the face of the impact of foreign enterprises, it is very necessary for the state to give domestic enterprises policy support. The storage and deposition plan of plastic bottles (and beverage cans) can also encourage the recycling of plastics. Relying solely on the competitiveness of enterprises is not enough to resist the attack of foreign enterprises. Lu Bin, macroeconomic analyst of zhuochuang information, said in an interview with Nandu that at present, the U.S. anti-dumping tax rate has been adjusted several times, and the positive response of the Ministry of commerce is a good signal for the industry

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