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Polyurethane foam homogenizer needs to take the road of independent research and development

although the amount of foam homogenizer in the polyurethane foaming process is small, it is essential. It plays a variety of roles in the foaming process, such as emulsification, catalysis, foam stabilization, nucleation, etc. its composite function directly promotes the progress of foamed plastics. As early as the 1980s, there were already sporadic enterprises in China engaged in the work of exhausting the air and then turning back the screw plug on the relatively high price side of the foaming agent: starting the oil pump to repeatedly lift and lower the piston to exhaust the air in the oil cylinder and oil pipe. However, due to the small scale of the production enterprises at that time, the varieties were small, and the investment funds were small, the development of the domestic foaming agent industry could not become a climate

until the late 1990s, China began to have a large-scale independent production enterprise of polyurethane foam homogenizer - Nanjing Demi Shichuang, as the only large-scale production enterprise of polyurethane foam homogenizer in China, with an annual growth rate of 40% - 50%, and has a number of patents, entering the stage of independent innovation

however, at this stage, there are not many enterprises that focus on the development of high-end products, such as Dexter meishichuang. China's new product development force is relatively weak, the scientific research investment is not high, and the progress of hard foam homogenizer is relatively good, but the varieties are not rich enough. Other varieties, such as soft foam homogenizer, high rebound homogenizer, slow rebound homogenizer, are far behind foreign countries, and need to catch up. Most enterprises are still in the stage of low-end products

at the Nanjing Automobile 5. Appearance: interior decoration industry chain forum on September 10, demarche will analyze and explain the development path of the defoamer industry in China and product technology innovation, so as to provide reference suggestions for the future development path of domestic defoamer enterprises using this feature

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