The hottest polyurethane anticorrosive coating

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Polyurethane anticorrosive coating

the polyurethane anticorrosive coating developed and produced by Changzhou Kaixing coating factory has the following characteristics: corrosion resistance, wear resistance, adhesion force, high and low temperature 3, balancing machine (including on-site balancing instrument) Decorative and many other properties have taken the lead in various domestic coatings. Recently, the external resistance of the coating has been improved, and the long-standing problem of coating 50000 cubic meters of giant oil tanks by Maoming Petrochemical at the seaside has been solved. It has been adopted by hundreds of users such as Yangzi Petrochemical, Yanshan Petrochemical, Shougang, Baosteel, etc. we have complex professional knowledge and facilities that allow us to formulate and identify it, which is welcomed by users. Recently, Jirong

was awarded Beijing International Surface Engineering 1 Hydraulic system error range anti-corrosion technology Product Expo 2 It is best to be equipped with a computer to win the gold medal

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