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Polyurea technology was applied to the "East Holland and West willow" venue of the National Games. On the evening of the 28th, the 11th National Games in Jinan Olympic Sports Center required operators to turn off the power immediately. "East Holland and West willow" two special venues with JTG d30 (2) 015 highway subgrade design specifications have also become a scene of this national games. While cheering for the athletes, many spectators did not know that the stands under their feet used a kind of domestic most advanced waterproof material called "polyurea". This technology was undertaken by Huang Weiwei, a scientist in shimagi, known as the "father of polyurea in China". On the afternoon of the 28th, I interviewed Huang Weiwei, the current professor of the Qingdao Institute of technology and civil engineering

at noon on the 28th, I saw Huang Weiwei at Qingdao Institute of technology. He was wearing red overalls and a pair of Phnom Penh glasses and was guiding graduate students in the laboratory

"many people in China are very strange to polyurea. In fact, it is not a new product. It was originally invented by Americans and has only been promoted in China in recent years. It is called 'universal material' by foreign peers. It can be sprayed on the surface of buildings or metal shells to prevent corrosion, waterproof and wear." Huang Weiwei, 46, said that compared with ordinary coatings, "polyurea" has a longer service life and is non-toxic. "Ordinary coatings will fall off after one year, while polyurea can be used for more than 50 years without cracks. It is known as' the greatest discovery in the field of coatings and coating technology at the end of the 20th century '."

however, such an excellent coating has not been fully pre twisted for three times in China until 1995, when Huang microwave, then a senior engineer of the Institute of offshore chemical industry, first discovered it. After painstaking research, Huang microwave finally successfully sprayed polyurea on the ground of a conference room in 1998, marking that China's polyurea technology has reached the international advanced level. Huang microwave is also honored by peers as the "father of China's polyurea"

after the successful research and development of polyurea technology, polyurea has been widely used in construction. Huang microwave has also undertaken a number of major national and local projects. Polyurea is also used to protect the "East Holland Xiliu" that attracts the attention of many spectators and the stands of most stadiums and gymnasiums that host the national day games

Huang Weiwei told that at the beginning of the construction of Jinan Olympic Sports Center, he was asked to do technical guidance for the convenience of construction. He sprayed "Donghe Xiliu" with gray polyurea, but for small and medium-sized enterprises with low demand and low budget, "polyurea has various colors, and after spraying, it can not only play the role of waterproof and corrosion prevention, but also play a beautiful role." According to Huang Weiwei, in addition to the "East Holland and West willow", the stands of most stadiums and gymnasiums hosting the 11th National Games are also protected by polyurea

recently, Huang Weiwei began to be busy with the protection project of the Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway

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