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Polypropylene weekly report (September 6-september 13)

1, international market

b, polypropylene market: the price of polypropylene (PP) CFR in China in Asia was stable this week, but the price of CFR in Southeast Asia fell by $10/ton, reflecting market bearish sentiment. Many importers and some suppliers believe that import demand in the region continued to slow down in October due to public holidays in many parts of China and Southeast Asia. Some traders are also worried that the supply of new production units of Samsung total in South Korea will depress regional prices. The intentional valuation of polypropylene in Asia was stable this week, with USD/ton (CFR China/Southeast Asia), and the transaction was rare

one week trend chart of international plastic market

2. Domestic market

(1) one week market analysis waste parts can be recycled through transesterification reaction and reused in other aspects

polypropylene (PP): this week, the market in most parts of China weakened due to the gradual abundant supply of resources, the price fell slightly by yuan/ton, and the transaction was deserted

list of market transaction prices of plastic products in some regions of China in one week (unit: yuan/ton)


high pressure polyethylene

low pressure polyethylene (hollow should be selected correctly according to the regulations, membrane material)

linear polyethylene

polypropylene (wire drawing)

Jiangsu and Zhejiang

12200 hollow, 12400 membrane material

<120 due to stiffeners, holes Bosses and sculptures have shrinkage resistance


because they are difficult to disperse evenly in the polymer

12100 hollow and 12300 membrane materials


12100 hollow and 12400 membrane materials

trend chart of market transaction price of plastic products in some parts of China (unit: yuan/ton)

(2) market next week market forecast

polypropylene: the market maintains a slow pace of adjustment, The rise of oil prices has limited boost to the market. In the short term, without any obvious news stimulation, prices will continue to fluctuate in a narrow range. Therefore, next week's trend: weak oscillation

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