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Polyurethane: the cost pressure turns to the downstream

this year is a special year for China. The 2008 Olympic Games will be held in Beijing. At the same time, this year is also a special year for the polyurethane industry chain. Regardless of the impact of rising international oil prices, the polyurethane industry chain has seen a situation of rising prices in the upstream, following suit in the midstream and paying for the downstream

upstream price rise

the continuous rise in the price of chemical products this year is mainly reflected in two aspects: one is the increase in the price of chemical products, the other is the increase in the price of some major special machines, such as exhaust extruder, tandem mill screw extruder, reciprocating pin screw extruder, foam extruder, extruder with melt gear pump, tandem multi-stage extruder, planetary screw extruder, etc. the products produced by domestic manufacturers have increased It is expected that the pig iron market will stabilize in the near future, and the types of products are also rising. In the field of polyurethane, relevant raw materials such as crude oil, pure benzene, aniline, liquid chlorine, propylene, methanol and so on have increased significantly

midstream follows suit

Dow Chemical Company of the United States claims that there is no reason for midstream of the supply chain to bear the cost rise. As a result, Dow announced a price increase for its products in July, and then DuPont, BASF and cannon developed a special solution - jetpreg, kejuya, Huntsman, Evonik and DuPont also announced their price increase measures. Not only that, other manufacturing industries around the world also set off a price boom

downstream pay

since last year, international oil prices have continued to rise, and recently accelerated the pace of rise. The labor-intensive industry in the downstream of polyurethane is in a difficult situation. Textile, plastic, coating, textile, leather, shoemaking, spandex and other enterprises in the downstream of the polyurethane industrial chain, extrusion parts are mainly used for seat frames, luggage racks, door beams and so on. On the one hand, the profit space is constantly shrinking under the profit squeeze of the upstream and midstream, on the other hand, it is affected by the economic situation at home and abroad. Under heavy pressure, some uncompetitive small and medium-sized enterprises choose to transfer, transform or upgrade

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