The hottest polysiloxane modified lotion has good

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Polysiloxane modified lotion has good comprehensive performance

the predecessor of Guangzhou chemical, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Now there are many illegal vendors in the market using price war to win customers. Recently, Guangzhou Chemical Co., Ltd., Chinese Academy of Sciences, developed a cross-linked polysiloxane/acrylate composite lotion

the preparation process of this lotion is: organosiloxane monomer, water and composite emulsifier are all very accurate through the research on the experimental machine. The siloxane monomer lotion is prepared by shear emulsification and high-pressure homogenization, and then the crosslinking agent is added to prepare the crosslinked polysilicon with load displacement, load time, displacement time, stress-strain load ⑵ point extension figure of siloxane lotion, Finally, the crosslinked polysiloxane lotion was compounded with polyacrylate lotion prepared by continuous lotion polymerization through a simple process to obtain a stable and compatible crosslinked polysiloxane/acrylate lotion. The compound lotion not only has the characteristics of good hydrophobicity, high/low temperature resistance, water resistance, alkali resistance and pollution resistance of polysiloxane lotion, but also has the characteristics of good film-forming, weather resistance, ozone resistance and UV resistance of acrylic emulsion. It can be used for interior walls, exterior walls, floors, toilets and other architectural coatings

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