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Polystyrene plastic particles are widely valued by the scientific research community

it is understood that most polystyrene plastic particles are disposable, and millions of tons of white garbage are discarded and placed in nature, which can neither rot and transform, nor disappear by itself. On the one hand, it will cause serious environmental pollution, on the other hand, it is also a waste of precious non renewable resources, How to effectively recycle waste polystyrene foam has attracted the attention of researchers all over the world. At present, the recycling method of waste polystyrene foam is to crush it, melt it, regenerate it and granulate it into another material particle, and then add the corresponding auxiliary agent to process it into another material. For the recycling method proposed above, the common practice is to crush, melt, brace, cut and shape the plastic foam through the crusher first. However, in the production of this kind of plastic particles, there will be incomplete crushing of raw materials, uneven melting temperature control, and at the same time, impurities mixed in raw materials cannot be avoided, resulting in extremely low production efficiency, At the same time, because the impurity oxfab-esd is a PEKK substance with carbon added, it will cause equipment damage

the production method of polystyrene foam renewable resources involves how to measure the processing and preparation field of raw particles by the re friction and wear testing machine. Through the selection of raw materials, air drying, crushing, primary impurity removal, melting, extrusion molding, relying on the restoring force of the spring to promote the movement of the valve core, secondary impurity removal, cooling, cutting, quality inspection, packaging and warehousing

select the recycled plastic foam → sort the foam that meets the standard and dry it naturally → put the air dried foam into the crusher for crushing → crush the foam and transport it to the material hopper of the foam granulator → set the feeding rate of the material hopper of the foam granulator → preliminarily remove the impurities of the crushed materials → the materials enter the foam granulator and begin to melt → the melted materials are first extruded through the foam granulator extrusion die → materials After the second extrusion through the melting die and the removal of impurities, the linear plastic is formed → the linear plastic is cooled → the cooled linear plastic is cut into plastic particles → the plastic particles produced are inspected → the finished products are packed and warehoused

polystyrene plastic particles are one of the most widely used plastics in the world today. Because of their good water resistance, thermal insulation, insulation, low moisture absorption, strong seismic strength, light weight, firmness, easy to form, low price and other characteristics, they are widely used in packaging, moisturizing, waterproof, heat insulation, shock absorption, decoration, catering and other fields, and penetrate into all sectors of the national economy

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