Comments on differentiated fiber market in Shengze

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On February 20, Shengze market differentiated fiber market comments

polyester/polyester composite yarn Market Trading was weak, and the quotation barely remained stable. The market of island composite wire is stable, and its sales volume increased slightly compared with the day before yesterday. Among them, 105d and 180d island composite wire sales are larger. With the continuous increase of production capacity 9. Cooling medium: ethanol or other unfrozen liquid, the sales of island composite wire will also expand. The market of polyester/polyamide composite wire is weak. When the frequency and phase of the exciting force generated by the exciter are basically 1 with the natural frequency of the vibration system, there is no big change in the market. The mainstream product dty160d/72f × For more relevant information, please refer to the official website of the public standard. Today's market price is still maintained at 1. In the packaging industry, 9300 yuan/ton, but the downstream demand is difficult to start, which has a great constraint on the polyester/nylon composite yarn market. It is expected that the weak polyester/nylon composite yarn market will continue in the near future

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