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The top ten innovations in the mobile field in 2010: iPhone 4 ranks first

on December 16, Beijing time, according to read-write reports, mobile technology has made significant progress in 2010. New platforms, new services and new usage trends have not only promoted mobile Internet, but also promoted the popularity of Internet. Intelligent users are growing, the types of mobile operating systems are increasing, and applications have become new tools for users to access mobile content

the following are the 10 most representative innovations in the mobile field

1. IPhone 4

the iPhone 4 released in June this year contains a number of innovations, including a front camera for video calls, a gyroscope, an upgraded operating system that supports multitasking, and a novel antenna design. Despite the explosion of the antenna door, the sales of iPhone 4 did not seem to be affected at all

Charles golvin, an analyst at Forrester, a market research company, explained, "Apple's continued success shows that application and interconnection are more important than dozen; consumers recognize Apple's end-to-end control system; other manufacturers still have gaps compared with apple in hardware, software and marketing."

2. IPad

iPad spans the two fields of mobile and computer. It can replace notebooks and notebooks, and has even eroded the sales of notebooks, and has prompted Apple's competitors to make major changes to their product plans. Android tablets, WebOS tablets and even windows tablets will appear in the market next year

forrester analyst Sarah Rotman EPPs brilliantly summarized the iPad, "iPad is the right product to come out at the right time. IPad has dual purposes - enjoying entertainment content and working."

3. Android

this year can be called the "year of Android", which has made great progress in sales, market share, advertising display times, applications and so on. Gartner, a market research company with less than 10% of the company, predicted in September that Android would become the second largest intelligent operating system in the world by the end of this year. In November, due to the use of polyurethane pillows, mattresses and other manufacturers, Android has become the largest intelligent operating system in the United States and the second largest in the world

golvin said, "this year, Android has become a mainstream product, and next year, through cheap, it will become the market leader."

4. Html5

although it has not been officially approved as a standard, HTML5 is a very popular technology this year. The rapid growth of HTML5 is closely related to the fact that Apple mobile devices, mainly iPad, do not support Adobe Flash. Apple CEO Steve Jobs said that flash is a proprietary technology with low security performance and low performance when running on mobile devices

research shows that in May this year, 46% of Internet users accepted HTML5, and the vast majority of Internet giants, including youtube and Vimeo, supported HTML5. From a technical point of view, media organizations including CNN (American cable television), the New York Times, Reuters and others support HTML5

5. App stores

apps stores is a product and has become a trend. In addition to the application stores for various mobile operating systems, other application stores have emerged in the market, including the application stores of mobile operators, third-party application stores, device application stores, tablet computer application stores, etc. Some media even reported that in some areas, the main way to access the Internet through mobile devices will shift from browsers to applications

Wired magazine once published an article saying that the web has disappeared. Although this view has caused many disputes, it is an indisputable fact that the web is becoming increasingly closed. The way users access the web is changing

distimo, an app store analysis tool manufacturer, said that the reason why the app store was so successful was that "consumers can easily download and buy apps. The app store and the growing processing capacity of devices have driven device sales and app downloads"

forrester analyst Thomas Husson said that this year, the app store had a large number of APP downloads. "In order to replicate the success of Apple's App Store - the number of downloads reached 7billion times and the number of apps exceeded 300000. In 2010, the app store was blooming everywhere. The downloads of Android Market and getjar exceeded 1billion, and the downloads of Nokia Ovi reached 3.5 million times a day.". But he warned that few app stores could provide app publishers with the audience they expected

however, the app store campaign is not over yet. Ben keighran, CEO of application discovery service chomp, said, "the popularity of app store is related to the next technological progress - Web application."

6. Iad

although not much concerned by consumers, Apple's IAD has had a great impact on the mobile advertising industry. IAD aims to improve the mobile advertising experience through the use of rich media and interactive advertising

according to media reports, Apple's share in the mobile advertising market will reach 21% by the end of this year. Despite the acquisition of AdMob, Google's market share will also decline from 27% to 21%

Eric Litman, chairman and CEO of Medialets, a mobile advertising company, said, "this year, driven by IAD and other innovations, the advertising industry has paid attention to mobile platforms. Advertisers listed mobile platforms as a separate advertising platform for the first time when allocating advertising budgets."

7. Lte

lte (long term evolution) technology can provide faster network speed. In view of the continuous growth of mobile data traffic - Mobile Video Traffic alone reached 90 petabytes in February (1 petabyte is equal to the 50th power of 2). According to Cisco, the compound growth rate of mobile video traffic will reach 131% between 2009 and 2014

Michael Manzo, chief marketing officer of openet, a mobile Internet value-added service operation and management platform manufacturer, said, "LTE is definitely the best mobile innovation this year. LTE can improve the speed and processing capacity of mobile devices and alleviate the pressure of existing mobile networks. As mobile operators begin to upgrade their networks on a large scale, LTE has become an important technology this year, and LTE will play a more important role next year."

golvin pointed out that LTE will defeat WiMAX, "next year, the window of opportunity for WiMAX will close, and LTE will establish the status of 4G network technology"

8. Foursquare

although many media have reported that the user base of geographical location check-in service is not large, this is an irresistible trend

Chris Devore, co-founder and CEO of AppStoreHQ, said that four said that services such as square, which only provide check-in function, had stopped growing before they became mainstream. Location based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and other ideas were sought after by consumers and local enterprises, and Groupon was a typical example. In the long run, the value of Groupon to small and medium-sized enterprises is still questioned

forrester analyst Melissa Parrish pointed out that location-based services are just beginning to get on track. "Although our survey conducted in the middle of this year shows that only 4% of Americans have used location-based social networks, as such services provide truly valuable functions, users will grow."

9. Bar code scanning

using scanned bar codes is a major trend this year. A report published this fall showed that the number of bar codes scanned this year increased by 700%

this year, both Amazon and eBay launched mobile applications with barcode scanning function, best buy launched consumer electronics scanning application, Bing application for iPhone added barcode scanning function in June, and Google shopper application of Google also integrated barcode scanning function

bar top-level design is basically completed. Alexander muse, CO developer of shopsavvy, a code scanning application, said, "this year, our growth rate is more than 300%. Scanning bar code was a very novel technology in 2008, and has become the standard way for millions of users to shop around the world."

Blake scholl, co-founder and CEO of Kima labs, a developer of barcode hero, said that the role of the first generation barcode scanning application is only to compare prices. The second generation barcode scanning application can connect with users' social networks, allowing friends to help find the most suitable products, not just the lowest price

10. NFC

Apple recruited an NFC (short range communication) technology expert in August, but has not announced any products. Rim also recruited NFC experts in November. Google's latest version of Android already supports NFC, but there are still some limitations. This year, PayPal, Bank of America, visa and others have announced projects related to NFC. Visa officially released NFC mobile payment solution. At&t, Verizon and T-Mobile jointly developed the NFC mobile payment service Isis

Vishal Jain, a mobile analyst at the 451 group, a market research company, said that NFC and location-based services "will jointly promote the mobile advertising industry to enter a new stage of development"

Husen also believes that the application scope of NFC is not limited to mobile payment, "it will be applied to applications and services in multiple industries, connecting mobile marketing, mobile CRM and mobile commerce". Sohu it

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