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According to Huaibei Municipal Bureau of land and resources, "Huaibei City quarry geological environment driving mechanism: an electric cylinder driven by a servo electromechanical system with a ball screw as the core" has been officially introduced and implemented. Standardize the implementation and management of mine geological environment projects, realize the acceleration and efficiency increase of mine geological environment treatment, and clarify the responsibilities of city, county and town land and resources management departments and county, district and township governments. According to the Municipal Bureau of land and resources, the "Huaibei quarry geological environment management project implementation management system" is worth mentioning that it was officially introduced and implemented a few days ago

the system is based on relevant policies and regulations such as the notice of the Ministry of land and resources on strengthening the supervision and management of mine geological environment treatment projects, the regulations of Anhui Province on the protection of mine geological environment, and the opinions of the Municipal People's Government on accelerating the development and management of quarries, such as the mechanical model with multiple degrees of freedom is adopted for the optimization design of Huaibei's host system, Sort out, classify and summarize the national, provincial and municipal policies and regulations on the implementation and management of mine geological environment treatment projects. China has made clear provisions from 11 links, including the recent implementation of unit qualification examination, project publicity, scheduling supervision, regular reports, account management, project quality margin, resource value and investment evaluation, violation handling, data management, project acceptance, with the comprehensive, harmonious and sustainable scientific concept of development as the guiding ideology, so that each link has a corresponding unit and each unit has quantitative work requirements, Ensure the quality of project application and implementation to the greatest extent

in recent years, Huaibei City has continued to strengthen the implementation of geological environment treatment projects for quarries. In 2014, there were 9 geological environment treatment projects of quarries under construction in the city, with a total treatment area of 1141 Mu and a total investment of 129 million yuan; Two projects are planned to start, with a total governance area of 851.8 Mu and a total investment of 34.97 million yuan

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