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On March 13, 2019, President Li Shousheng of the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation met with the new CEO xinxuezhen of LG Chemical, President cuichenglie of Greater China and deputy general manager sunxingxing of the headquarters in China. Pangguanglian, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Committee, deputy secretary general and Secretary General of the Cfius, attended the meeting. The two sides exchanged views on the current situation and future development opportunities of China's chemical industry, the future impact of Sino US trade frictions on global economic integration and the development of LG chemistry

when talking about the current situation of the industry development, President lishousheng pointed out that the petrochemical industry, as the basic industry of China's macro economy, had a sales revenue of 12.4 trillion yuan last year, an increase of 13.6%; The company achieved a profit of 890 billion yuan, an increase of 32.1%. The higher the requirements for the sealing performance of China's Coating Co box. In 2019, the petrochemical industry will still maintain the development trend of "steady progress", and the growth of industry sales revenue and realized profits is expected to remain above 10%. At the same time, China's supply side structural reform has also put forward higher requirements for China's petroleum and chemical industry. The strong contrast between supply and demand forces the industrial structure adjustment of the industry to be accelerated

Xin xuezhe introduced the development status and strategic direction of LG chemistry. As one of the top ten chemical enterprises in the world, LG Chemical has entered China for more than 40 years. The chemical sector, including the battery industry, has grown rapidly. In the next five years, it has been 80 years, and will also maintain a growth rate of%. It is expected that the sales volume of LG Chemical will reach 50billion US dollars in 2024. Among them, the Chinese market accounts for 40% of its important share. Among the "top 10 global * valuable chemical brands in 2019" released by brandfinance brand evaluation agency in the UK, LG chemistry ranked fourth

Xin xuezhe also introduced the strategic direction of LG Chemical's future technology transformation: first, in the transportation field including automobiles, electrification, automatic driving and intelligence are the general trend. At the same time, lightweight also brings greater demand for engineering plastics and other materials to create the latest material reports. Second, through artificial intelligence and IOT technology, it will have a great impact on all industries including chemical industry and human life, and greatly improve the production efficiency of traditional industries. Third, biotechnology that has a significant impact on human life, such as gene recombination. The fourth is sustainable development. Future product research and development will also be based on the concept of environmental protection and environmental affinity

President lishousheng highly appreciated LG Chemical's achievements in enterprise innovation in terms of product organization. At the invitation of President Li, Xin xuezhe will also attend the "10th China International Petrochemical conference" held in Hangzhou in september2019 and make a keynote speech

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