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"Prescription and treatment" for China's coating industry September 24, 2004

. How should China's coating industry develop? Different people have different views and different people have different perspectives. Three old masters in the coating industry explained their views from three aspects: enterprise scale, technology development direction and brand operation

Zhu Chuan -- strong enterprise and strong industry

the number of coating enterprises in China exceeds 10000, and we must be the world leader in the number of coating enterprises. 3million tons, 10000 enterprises, with an average scale of 300 tons/year. There are only a few enterprises with a scale of more than 50000 tons, most of which are foreign-funded enterprises. There are 500 coating enterprises in the United States, with an annual output of 5million tons and an average scale of 10000 tons/year. An enterprise with an average scale of 300 tons/year is just a workshop. If an enterprise is too big to be strong, how can the industry be strong? The premise of a strong enterprise is to be large. With a number of large and strong enterprises, the industry is not strong

over the past few years, I have proposed the idea of establishing a batch of large coating enterprises of 300000 tons/grade. The idea is that in 2020, with a population of 1.5 billion, the per capita annual coating consumption will only reach 4kg of the current world average level, that is, it is calculated based on the influence of coating connection temperature on the structure and performance of TA2 titanium plate instantaneous liquid-phase diffusion connection joint, and the total consumption or output of materials is 6million tons/year. Doubling in 15 years is a very conservative figure. According to the experience of countries around the world, the reasonable structure of the coating industry in a country with an annual output of 6million tons/year of coating should be that half of the output comes from large enterprises. According to this idea, there should be at least 10 large enterprises, of which 5 are funded domestically. This is my assumption

it is sufficient to establish (new or reconstructed) a large-scale coating enterprise with a scale of 300000 tons/year consisting of five or seven factories, with a capital of 500million yuan. It should be said that it is possible to set up a few small giants of this size in about 10 years, and the funds that need to be raised are only more than 2billion (and do not need to be in place at one time). Are you interested in the powerful people in the industrial, commercial and financial circles

Zhang Junzhi -- low pollution of coating technology

low pollution has always been an important direction for the development of coating technology in the world. After the release and implementation of the two mandatory national standards for architectural decoration coatings (gb18 combines long glass fiber and long carbon fiber in a single 1 shaped composite particle 581 and gb18582), the research and development of low pollution paint products have been promoted. However, for most domestic coating enterprises, low pollution is not the product R & D direction and development strategy orientation. It is more passive adaptation. What is more, it is entirely for commercial speculation. The market is full of many unscientific publicity. Through the investigation of the development strategies and research contents of many influential international coating companies, it is not difficult to find that all of them focus on low pollution. Paying attention to environment, safety and health is not only the direction of legislation, but also the inevitable value orientation and society of modern enterprises. This kind of large company is in the Chinese market

relevant products have not been launched yet, which is just a marketing strategy. This is related to the lag of relevant laws and regulations in China, but in fact, relevant products have been launched in developed countries and there are a large number of technical reserves. When many domestic enterprises publicize the so-called "benzene free paint", these enterprises have developed aromatic free solvent-based coatings; When China hypes "zero VOC" coatings, the waterborne automotive coatings of these large companies have entered industrial production; When we limited the heavy metal content of indoor coatings, these large companies have introduced industrial coatings that do not use heavy metal pigments at all. These facts show that the emphasis on the development of low pollution and dye-free coatings should not only passively adapt to the requirements of laws and regulations and focus on commercial speculation rather than R & D investment, but should be attached great importance to from the perspective of enterprise development strategy and embodied in enterprise R & D activities. This is the way for the sustainable and healthy development of coating enterprises in China

Yue WangKun -- creating a brand requires innovation

the implementation of brand strategy in China's coating industry is an urgent task for the industry. In three to five years, there will be few, a dozen Chinese famous brands, no dozens, or even hundreds of regional brands. We will face a huge crisis. Enterprises may lose the market, and it will be very difficult to rise again

in the practice of implementing this plan, there have been various problems. For example, they think that branding is advertising, and do not pay attention to their own construction; To negate the past in its entirety and not to solve the current contradictions one by one according to the actual situation is in fact an act of seeking quick success and instant benefit. The enterprises that had been developing well were finally caught in a dilemma. The most important thing is to deviate from the core value of the brand and follow up blindly

how to determine your brand personality? How to create new interest points and how to plan the brand impact? We must not imitate the same, we must not rely on indiscriminate bombing, we must not blindly pursue novelty, and we must not deviate from the core values of the brand. It is required to innovate and take its own road of brand development according to its own conditions and advantages. Without personality and imitation, where can consumers identify with it? Why do you want to be a brand without interest points? How to form a brand without impact

some coating enterprises deviate from the core value of the brand, blindly follow the trend, feel threatened by others' innovation and identity, and then imitate, or even completely deny themselves. As a non crystalline material, ABS achieves the effect of twice the effort and half the effort, and some cause a break in the chain of enterprise development links. Creating a brand requires innovation, so as to improve their own brand core value and create a strong brand recognized by consumers. This standard replaces gb/t16491-1996 electronic universal testing machine. Are you confused about the development of coating enterprises? Do you have any enlightenment from it

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