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Praise for ultra-thin glass manufacturers

at present, China's ultra-thin glass manufacturers have grown to more than a dozen, including Luoyang Float Glass Group Co., Ltd., Bengbu China building materials information display material Co., Ltd., CSG Group Co., Ltd., Dongxu Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Rainbow Electronic Glass Co., Ltd., which is subordinate to China Building Materials Group Co., Ltd

1。 Luoyang Float Glass Group Co., Ltd.

Lobo Glass Group is the first enterprise in China to use float process to develop and produce ultra-thin glass. As early as september2001, its subsidiary Longmen Glass Co., Ltd. designed and built China's leading ultra-thin float glass production line. On january6,2011, the production line was transformed into the first ultra white and ultra-thin float glass production line in China. On january19,2006, its subsidiary Luoyang Longhai Electronic Glass Co., Ltd. completed the second generation enhanced STN level electronic glass production line

(1) production of ultra-thin glass products of Longbo company

the ultra-thin glass production line of Longbo company of Lobo group was reconstructed and built on the basis of the original float glass production line, and was ignited for trial production on September 23, 2001. From December of that year to mid February of 2002, the glass thickness of this line smoothly changed from 2mm to 1. 8mm transition to 1. 5mm、1。 3mm, each production is a successful drawing. On February 28th, 2002, 1 was successfully pulled out. 1mm high-quality float glass not only fills a gap in China's glass industry, but also its total product rate reaches 52%, and the rate of excellent and first-class products reaches 63%. On August 29th, 2004, 0 was successfully produced. 7mm ultra-thin glass, the total yield is 42%, and the rate of excellent and first-class products is 53%. 0 was produced again on march21,2008. 55mm ultra thin glass

in June, 2010, Lobo group decided to transform the ultra-thin glass elastic bandage tensile tester of Longbo company, which is an experimental machine for mechanical testing for users who have been producing bandage materials for a long time, into an ultra-thin ultra white glass production line, which was ignited and put into production on January 6, 2011. On february19,2012, Longbo produced 1. 1mm ultra white ultra-thin glass was successfully produced on February 22. 9mm ultra-thin ultra white glass; On september23,2013, Longbo successfully produced the high-end 0 in the world for the first time. 6mm ultra white ultra-thin glass

Luoyang Longhai Electronic Glass Co., Ltd. of Lobo group is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Luoyang Glass Co., Ltd., located in Yanshi Industrial Park, Luoyang City, Henan Province. Taking advantage of its core production technology of ultra-thin glass, Lobo group has built a new generation of improved electronic glass production line for LCD in Longhai company, which was completed and put into operation in January, 2006. In the first two years after commissioning, 1. 1mm、0。 9mm、0。 8mm and other products with different thickness, the product quality reaches STN level, which can meet the needs of ITO industry, electronic industry, high-precision instruments and glass deep processing. The scientific and technological achievements of its complete set of technologies and key equipment for ultra-thin float glass in the industrial production, development and application of electronic glass won the national "first prize for scientific and technological progress" in february2007

0 in 2008. 7mm ultra-thin glass; In the middle of July, 2010, Longhai company organized the production of 0. 55mm ultra-thin glass, the grade a product rate reaches 93. 5%, of which the output, grade a product rate, total yield and cutting rate have reached the best level since the project was put into operation; On january17,2012, the thinnest 0 in China was successfully produced. 45mmstn ultra-thin glass products; 0 was produced on January 6th, 2014. 33mm ultra thin electronic glass. On February 24th, 2015, the first batch of 0. 25mm float glass was successfully rolled off the production line and successfully broke the 0 held by itself again. 33mm domestic record of thinnest glass. In addition, on november27,2012, two types of 1 were successfully completed. 1mm ultra-thin glass original sheet 1244. 6mm × 1709mm and 1530mm × Production of 1490mm oversized products

2。 CSG Group Co., Ltd.

in October 2010, CSG group built a leading ultra-thin soda lime glass production line in Langfang, Hebei, and achieved zero in 2011. 7mm、0。 Mass production of 55mm ultra-thin soda lime glass; In 2013, the second ultra-thin glass production line was built in Yichang. At present, the five factors that most affect the overall performance of the electronic tensile testing machine have reached 0. Mass production of 2mm soda lime glass. So far, the thickness of two sodium calcium ultra-thin electronic glass production lines of CSG has changed from 0. 2mm to 1. Full coverage of 1mm products, accounting for about 30% of the domestic market share. In 2014, CSG built a new high-performance high aluminum ultra-thin glass production line with an annual output of 1million m2 in Qingyuan, and successfully achieved mass production in march2015. The successful mass production of high-performance high aluminum ultra-thin glass is a highlight for CSG to promote the leapfrog improvement of China's electronic glass, and also marks the comprehensive transformation of CSG from traditional float glass to electronic glass

through the development of ultra-thin glass, CSG group has realized the upgrading of flat glass business, entered the channel of rapid development, and led the application field of ultra-thin float glass in depth, becoming the industry benchmark for the development of China's glass industry

(1) Hebei windows glass Co., Ltd.

Hebei windows glass Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CSG group specializing in the production of ultra-thin substrates for electronic information display. It is subordinate to the flat glass division of CSG group and is located in Yongqing Industrial Zone, Langfang City, Hebei Province. On november18,2011, the first 150t/d ultra-thin electronic glass production line with full oxygen combustion in China built by the company was officially ignited, which means that CSG group has the strength to compete on the same platform with Asahi Nippon and Corning, and ultra-thin electronic glass has also become a new profit growth point of the company

december 29, 2011, Hebei windows 1. 1mm ultra-thin glass was born. On july18,2014, Hebei windows successfully went offline 1600mm × 1900mm super large plate 0. 7mm ultra thin glass. In december2014, Hebei window cover plate 0. 55mm its development field is still relatively narrow ultra-thin electronic glass, realizing the first successful mass production of products of this specification. The company's ultra-thin glass products mainly provide high-quality ultra-thin electronic glass substrates for ITO, OLED and other manufacturers

(2) Yichang CSG optoelectronic Glass Co., Ltd.

Yichang CSG optoelectronic Glass Co., Ltd. is a holding enterprise of CSG group. It is subordinate to the flat glass division of CSG group. It was established in January 2013. It is a high-tech enterprise and is located in the high-tech enterprise park in Yiting District, Yichang City, Hubei Province. On February 25th, 2014, Yichang optoelectronics 200t/d optoelectronic glass production line was officially started, and the production representative is currently 0. 3~1。 1mm high-level ultra-thin electronic glass, with an annual production capacity of 3. 4.44 million tons (15million m2) of ultra-thin photoelectric glass. The company's main business is positioned as the R & D, production and sales of ultra-thin electronic glass substrates for microelectronics and glass substrates for new electronic display devices

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