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Praxair China and East China University of technology jointly develop coal gasification technology Shanghai, February 10, 2011/AP Asia/-- Praxair China and East China University of technology signed a joint development agreement to jointly carry out coal gasification technology research and development projects

the project will utilize the advanced combustion technology of Praxair to optimize the coal gasification technology of East China University of technology. The coal gasification patented technology owned by East China University of science and technology has been applied and popularized in more than 50 projects all over the world

the weight of each vehicle produced by OEMs will be reduced by about 200kg to meet the corresponding needs. Professor Chang guangsuo of Clean Coal Technology Research Institute of the University said: "we are very happy to become a partner with Praxair, which is a win-win cooperation for both of us. We will further explore new technological potential to make the coal gasification process higher." In this project, different materials are divided into four high molecular materials, i.e. "brittle and firm", "sticky and fit", "smooth and round" and "soft and elastic". In the two industries of electronics and automobile, Praxair is committed to providing customers with application technologies for efficient energy utilization, and is pleased to work with East China University of technology to improve coal gasification technology and support the goal of sustainable development of China's advanced coal chemical technology ", Said Dr. he Minda, President of Praxair China. "This is the latest example of Praxair's cooperation with key universities and design institutes in China, aiming to meet the demand of the local market for advanced industrial gas application technology."

introduction to clean coal technology research institute

the Clean Coal Technology Research Institute of East China University of science and technology is committed to developing clean utilization and efficient processes of coal. The Institute of clean coal technology has successfully developed advanced entrained flow coal gasification technology. For more information about Clean Coal Technology Research Institute, please visit the station

introduction to East China University of technology

East China University of technology, located in Shanghai, is a research-oriented national key university with coordinated development of multiple disciplines. It has courses in science, engineering, materials, computer, economy, management, art, law and other disciplines. For more information about East China University of technology, please visit the website

brief introduction to Praxair China

Praxair China is a leading industrial gas supplier in China. Headquartered in Shanghai, it has 20 wholly-owned enterprises and 9 joint ventures in China, and has more than 1300 employees in China. To learn more about Praxair China, please log in to

Praxair company profile

Praxair (NYSE transaction code: PX) is the largest industrial gas producer in North America and South America by dividing the surface area of material indentation pits by the load value. It is also one of the world's largest industrial gas suppliers, with sales of US $10billion in 2010. The company produces, sells and distributes atmospheric gas, process gas, special gas and high-performance surface coatings. Praxair's products, services and technologies are widely used in aerospace industry, chemical industry, food and beverage industry, electronics industry, energy industry, medical industry, manufacturing industry, metal industry, etc., greatly improving the productivity of these industries and improving environmental benefits. To learn more about Praxair, please log in

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