One year later- Why Canadas COVID-19 crisis is bei

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One year later: Why Canada's COVID-19 crisis is being called a 'senicide' - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

With just his iPhone and his bicyclecovid_19_pandemic, Toronto photographer John Hryniuk managed to capture one of the most iconic photographs of Canada’s COVID-19 crisis.

For months, Hryniuk has been cycling hundreds of kilometres across the Greater Toronto Area, documenting life, and death, in the year of COVID-19. He discovered this chilling wheelchair graveyard behind a long-term care facility in Mississauga, Ont. where 50 residents had died.

At the front of the facility, a makeshift memorial had been created with white crosses to represent each of the deaths. When Hryniuk took a stroll around the perimeter of the property2021-12-20T21:08:00Z, he discovered the discarded wheelchairs.

He asked an employee why they were out there, covered in plastic. He was told: “…those were the wheelchairs of the dead… they are quarantining the chairs…to make sure they could reuse them agains Robert Benzie and Rob Ferguson.”80 per cent of long-term-care residents?

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