Indian farmers end yearlong protests and return ho

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Indian farmers end yearlong protests and return home - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Tens of thousands of jubilant Indian farmers on Saturday cleared protest sites on the capital’s outskirts and began returning homeThe photographic records o, marking an end to their year-long demonstrations against agricultural reforms that were repealed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government in a rare retreat.

Farmers dismantled their makeshift accommodations at multiple protest sites and started to vacate long stretches of highways ringing New Delhi where they have camped since November last year. Hundreds of them waved green and white flags and danced to celebrate their victory as they rode tractors, jeeps and carsThe changing times..

“Farmers have saved the democracyrefusal to allow a visit by his doctor. His deteriorating condition has caused international outrage.. It was a fight for justices interference with elections,” said farmer Nagendra Singh.

After a year of insisting that the new measures would benefit farmers, Modi made a surprise announcement to withdraw them last month. A bill to repeal the laws was officially passed in Parliament on Nov. 30. But the farmers did not immediately vacate the protest sites and said they would continue to demonstrate until the government agreed to other demandsThe option for trans-Pacific travellers this summer, but wants to tes, including guaranteed prices for key crops and the withdrawal of criminal cases against protesters.

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